Managed Detection and Response


Introducing Calligo’s Managed Detection and Response Solution

Calligo’s managed detection and response solution, powered by Sophos, is an advanced cybersecurity service tailored to address the growing challenges of sophisticated cyber threats.

This comprehensive MDR solution from Calligo is not just a technology offering; it is a fully managed service staffed by cybersecurity experts. With a focus on 24/7 threat monitoring, detection, and response, Calligo MDR provides proactive defense against advanced cyberattacks, offering organizations peace of mind by entrusting their cyber defenses to industry-leading professionals.

Explore how Managed Detection and Response works

Proactive Threat Monitoring

We initiate the comprehensive MDR service by implementing proactive threat monitoring 24/7. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and a team of cybersecurity experts, the system continuously scans and analyzes network activities, looking for anomalies and potential indicators of compromise. This vigilant monitoring allows for early detection of emerging threats, enabling rapid response to mitigate risks before they escalate.

Advanced Threat Detection

Once potential threats are identified, MDR’s advanced threat detection capabilities come into play. Using cutting-edge technologies, machine learning, and behavioral analytics, the system distinguishes between regular network activities and suspicious behavior. The goal is to ensure a comprehensive defense against the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Expert-Led Incident Response

In the event of a confirmed threat, the expert-led incident response team takes immediate action. These cybersecurity specialists, armed with in-depth knowledge and experience, work tirelessly to contain and neutralize the threat. Their rapid response minimizes potential damage, protects critical assets, and facilitates recovery.



Is your organization secure from the threat of malicious cyber attacks?

Take our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment to receive a personalized risk report. Using the NIST 2.0 Cybersecurity Framework, this complimentary 19 page report identifies gaps in organizational cybersecurity, enabling businesses to identify areas of risk, improve security and ultimately protect the business from threats.

Explore the benefits of Managed Detection and Response

Elevate Your Cyber Defenses
MDR offer superior protection against ransomware and advanced cyber threats. Leveraging the extensive experience of their analysts and exposure to a wide range of attacks, our MDR team possess unparalleled expertise. With daily incident investigations, fluency in threat hunting tools, and collaborative knowledge sharing, they respond swiftly and accurately at every stage.
Free-Up IT Capacity
Threat hunting is time consuming and unpredictable. For IT professionals juggling multiple tasks and priorities, it can be hard to keep up with the challenge: 79% of IT teams admit they are not completely on top of reviewing logs to identify suspicious signals or activities.
Get 24/7 Peace of Mind
With malicious actors located around the globe, an attack can come at any time. By providing 24/7 coverage, MDR services provide considerable reassurance and peace of mind. For IT teams this means — literally — being able to sleep better at night. They can relax knowing that the buck stops with the MDR provider — not them — and regain their personal time.
Add Expertise, Not Headcount
Threat hunting demands a unique skill set: creativity, cybersecurity experience, knowledge of the threat landscape, adversarial thinking, technical writing, OS/networking proficiency, and coding/scripting. With a shortage of these skills, MDR services offer expert analysts to navigate complex threats globally.
Improve Your Cybersecurity ROI
Maintaining a 24/7 threat hunting team is expensive. To provide round-the-clock coverage, you need a minimum of five or six cybersecurity staff members working separate shifts. By leveraging economies of scale, MDR services provide a cost-effective way to secure your organization and stretch your cybersecurity budget further.

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