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Let us steer your organization through one of the most influential and widest-reaching data privacy frameworks.

Calligo offers GDPR compliance services and EU representatives to help organizations with data protectionframeworks. Their services include GAP analysis, remediation plans, and ongoing consultancy and advisory services to maintain adherence to GDPR regulations. Our team of GDPR-qualified consultants assess the business’ maturity in key areas, such as data privacy risk management and protection of data subjects’ rights under GDPR.

Additionally, we offer services such as reviewing and advising on privacy policies, ongoing monitoring of adherence, and serving as your EU Representative if needed.

How GDPR compliance services work

GDPR GAP Analysis

Our GDPR GAP Analysis evaluates a business’s maturity level in eight areas to identify potential risks and non-compliance with GDPR, including governance, data privacy risk, personal information management, security management, third-party management, incident management, and protection of data subjects’ rights.

GDPR Alignment

We create a customized plan to remedy GDPR GAP Analysis shortfalls, prioritizing high-risk areas, and mapping requirements to resources. The plan considers DPO/EU Representative requirements, assesses and remedies processes, manages projects, aligns technology and infrastructure, and promotes collaborative work. The aim is to reduce operational risk and demonstrate data safety for each customer.

GDPR Assurance

We offer ongoing GDPR consultancy services to maintain continuous adherence and help adapt to changes in data sourcing and usage. We review privacy policies, procedures, and documentation, monitor adherence with dashboard reporting, offer data protection and information security consultancy, advise on DPIA implementation and outcomes, and support interactions with data subjects and Supervisory Authorities. Additionally, Calligo serves as an EU Representative when needed.

Our privacy service is trusted all over the world and will give you…

In your organization’s continuous adherence to the regulations.

Total Visibility
Of how your data moves into, through and out of your business.

Integrations of Obligations
Into every business process, from supplier contracts to marketing.
Robust Policies & Processes
…and documentation able to withstand any formal scrutiny.

The difference working with Calligo was the team’s mindset. They looked at the problem entirely as a commercial question, not as a data science challenge applied in a business context. And it worked.”

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