Case Study

Chipper Cash – Global Payment Network Fraud Detection​

The Challenge

Chipper Cash faced a critical challenge in combating fraudulent activities

Chipper Cash, a global payments network, encountered a significant challenge in detecting and mitigating fraudulent activities within its platform. The complexity of its account structures, diverse use of multiple currencies, and connections with financial institutions in less-regulated regions posed a heightened risk of fraudulent transactions. The potential impact of fraud could swiftly spread across thousands of accounts, threatening the integrity and trust of the entire network.

The Action

We developed a network analysis solution for proactive fraud detection

To address this challenge, we developed and implemented a robust network analysis solution tailored to Chipper Cash’s unique ecosystem. Our approach involved leveraging advanced link analysis and statistical techniques to swiftly identify and assess flagged fraudulent activities. By analyzing the relationships between accounts, individuals, and institutions within the network, we could pinpoint other linked entities at risk of fraudulent behavior.

Key to our solution was the identification of fraudulent transactions associated with multiple accounts across diverse institutions, which often traced back to a small set of users. These transactions were promptly flagged to enforcement teams for further investigation or imposition of freezes, preventing the proliferation of fraudulent activity and minimizing business losses.

The Impact

The implemented solution transformed fraud detection and mitigation for Chipper Cash

The implementation of our network analysis solution transformed Chipper Cash’s ability to detect and mitigate fraudulent activities effectively. By proactively analyzing network connections and identifying suspicious patterns, the platform could swiftly respond to emerging threats, safeguarding the integrity of the payment network and protecting the interests of its users.

Our solution empowered Chipper Cash’s enforcement and recovery teams to focus their efforts strategically, targeting high-risk accounts and entities within the network. This proactive approach not only minimized the financial impact of fraud but is also bolstering trust and confidence among users and partner institutions.

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