Case Study


SBLR case study

The Challenge

Migrating clients, data, and operations to a new IT infrastructure within a tight deadline.

SBLR, a Toronto-based CPA, faced the task of re-establishing itself as an independent CPA firm after separating from one of the largest accounting and consulting firms in Canada. This endeavor required migrating clients, data, and operations to a new IT infrastructure within a tight deadline. The challenge was to ensure a seamless transition while maintaining exceptional client service during the critical tax season.

They were ambitious and starting fresh. But the high pressure of tax season would start in five short months, and with no IT infrastructure and limited IT skills and resource, they had to extract all their clients’ data from the group’s systems and secure it in their own environment – and all the while, maintain excellent service and repay their clients’ trust in them during the move.

This new environment was to be built entirely from scratch. Though despite the time pressure and the size of the challenge, SBLR saw it as a rare opportunity. They could create a modern, “cloud first” infrastructure, unencumbered by legacy systems or hardware and that had agility, flexibility and cost-efficiency built into it from the very start.

Calligo was chosen in part due to its longstanding experience in cloud and information security and the fact it had its own cloud infrastructure in Canada. Perhaps most important was its remarkable track record in serving the CPA industry, its deep understanding of the nuances of the sector and its ability to even support CPA-specific software, such as CaseWare and CCH Taxprep.

The Action

A comprehensive strategy, migration, integration and on-going management.

Cloud Infrastructure Setup: Calligo designed a multi-VM Virtual Datacentre within their Tier 3 Toronto facility, meeting Canadian data residency requirements. This cloud-based foundation provided the necessary agility, scalability, and compliance for SBLR’s operations.

Complex Data Migration: To facilitate the migration of client data, Calligo collaborated closely with CaseWare, developing a custom program to ensure a smooth transfer without data loss. This intricate process involved obtaining individual client authorization and managing potential data duplication.

Ongoing IT Management: Calligo’s managed IT services ensured continuous network monitoring, proactive support, patch management, and a responsive helpdesk. They also facilitated disaster recovery and backup processes, enhancing data security and system reliability.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration: Calligo enabled SBLR’s adoption of Microsoft Office 365, offering tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Exchange, and OneDrive, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

The Impact

A smooth cloud transition, migration, end-to-end IT support, and client service improvement.

The collaboration with Calligo yielded significant results for SBLR:

  • A seamless transition to an agile cloud-based infrastructure, allowing SBLR to operate efficiently and scale as needed.
  • Successful migration of complex client data, accomplished without data loss or disruption to operations.
  • Ongoing IT management and support ensured uninterrupted operations and compliance with industry standards.
  • Microsoft Office 365 integration improved teamwork, communication, and document management.
  • SBLR was empowered to provide exceptional client service even during the demanding tax season.

By partnering with Calligo and implementing a comprehensive strategy, SBLR not only navigated a complex transition smoothly but also established a modern, reliable IT environment aligned with their business objectives.

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