Data Protection Alignment

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This service will provide a tailored plan based on the outcome of a Gap Assessment. It involves creating a strategic plan to bridge those gaps and align your practices with legal and regulatory expectations.
The alignment service provides organizations with practical recommendations, an action plan, and guidance to improve their compliance posture.

How our Alignment service works

Review Gap Assessment

Our expert consultants will review your gap assessment and identify the relevant data protection or privacy law you are seeking to comply with. The review will include highlighting areas of compliance and identifying any gaps. This will help us to outline and prioritize any specific actions that are required.

Alignment Plan

We will provide you with an alignment plan that will provide you with a schedule of compliance activities with individual actions to complete that will help you align and demonstrate compliance with the relevant data protection or privacy law.


To help support you complete the compliance activities in the alignment plan, we will provide a suite of template documents and work with you to tailor them to your requirements. We will continue to support you with your journey to complete the alignment plan activities.

The alignment service helps to provides organizations with a strategic roadmap and goals to implement into their operational practices to demonstrate compliance with data protection and privacy laws.

Our privacy service is trusted all over the world and will give you…

Access to a dedicated team of consultants
A dedicated team of privacy consultants brings specialized knowledge and expertise in privacy and data protection laws, regulations, and best practices. They stay abreast of evolving regulatory landscapes, ensuring that organizations receive accurate and up-to-date guidance tailored to their specific needs.

Receive expert advice and support
Receiving expert advice and support enables organization’s to navigate complex privacy and data protection challenges, mitigate risks, enhance compliance, and build trust with stakeholders, clients and individuals.

Reduce overheads by outsourcing
Outsourcing offers organizations numerous benefits, including cost savings, increased focus on core activities, access to specialized skills and expertise, flexibility and scalability, risk mitigation, time savings, and improved service levels and quality.
Stakeholder confidence
Demonstrating commitment to data protection enhances stakeholder trust. Customers, partners, and investors are provided with assurance that your organization takes its compliance responsibilities seriously.
Business Continuity
Addressing gaps and implementing improvement measures can help enhance an organization’s resilience, allowing operations to continue as normal in the event of a security incident.
Risk Mitigation
Identifying gaps in data protection practices allows organizations to proactively address risks. By implementing necessary controls, they can reduce the likelihood of data breaches or non-compliance.

Tailored Solutions for Compliance Starting – Custom Pricing

Introducing Our Alignment Service:

Navigating the complexities of data protection laws like GDPR or CCPA requires a strategic approach. Our Alignment service, available at custom pricing, provides a tailored plan based on your Gap Assessment results. This service outlines practical recommendations and an action plan to enhance your compliance posture.

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