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Find out why Calligo and its unique portfolio of managed data services is best suited to make your data work harder for you

Who is Calligo?

Calligo is the world's first end-to-end managed data services provider, with a global track record in improving organizations' productivity & profitability by making their data more available, secure and safe.


Data is any business’ most valuable asset. It should sit at the heart of every interaction they have and every decision they make – large or small. 


But while data is essential for businesses to thrive, it is often also frustratingly invisible, inaccessible or irrelevant. And fraught with risk if it is lost, mismanaged or not surrounded by the right data privacy and security protections.


At Calligo, we understand this.


We understand this because of our heritage in data-driven business improvement, giving us innate knowledge of industry regulations, national privacy laws, and ethical data use.

We understand this, and so have devised a unique collection of managed data services that transform how businesses use and perceive data to become faster, smarter and to use their data safer.


We understand this, shown in how we bring businesses closer to their data, and deliver the clarity they need to safely power profitability, agility and innovation.


At Calligo, we unleash the potential of your data.




Data-centric businesses are 4x more likely to be profitable than those ignoring data's potential


Companies that make fullest use of their data are typically 26% more productive


NPS scores double when data is fully harnessed

Managed Data Services

We are the world's first end-to-end managed data services provider, with a global track record in improving organizations' productivity & profitability by making their data more available, secure and safe.


Data Privacy Services

Trust in safer data, that drives performance, innovation and growth



Outsourced IT Services

Make your data continuously and securely available to those that need it 



Data Insights Services

Cut through the complexities of intelligent data use and innovate faster and safer


Calligo's data heritage

Expertise is everything when business technology changes so fast. The innovators that understand the direction of travel best have usually left some tracks behind them.


No other managed services provider can match our heritage or expertise in combining data privacy with continuous data-driven business improvement.


Whether it’s creating the first ever cloud platform built on data privacy, or incorporating privacy into outsourced IT services, or making automation and machine learning accessible to any business, Calligo has an unparalleled history of privacy-first, data-driven innovation.


Calligo is market-leading, because we defined the market.

Calligo was first to...

  • Offer an end-to-end data services portfolio off a foundation of data privacy.
  • Build a cloud platform on data privacy, and offer data residency guarantees.
  • Be certified under ISO 27001:2013.
  • Integrate global data privacy support into IT managed services.
  • Offer fully-managed, 'privacy by design' machine learning and automation services.



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