Today, we announced that we have partnered with Corent Technology, a leader in migration, optimization and ‘SaaSification’ technology.

This partnership will give us the ability to identify the most suitable cloud environment for clients’ needs, in terms of topology, performance, cost and privacy requirements, and also offer full reassurance during the otherwise daunting process of migrating.

We will use Corent’s award-winning and fully automated platform to assess clients’ on-premise or pre-existing cloud applications and workloads, plan the most suitable infrastructure for them, and then optimize them for the cloud and ultimately migrate to new, more appropriate environments. These may include Azure public cloud or our own multi-jurisdictional public cloud environment, CloudCore.

By automating the analysis and migration of workloads to the cloud, we are able to guarantee clients’ journeys to the cloud are optimized – both in terms of enabling full value to be extracted from their data and adhering with the data privacy regulations that apply to them.

To find out more about the various cloud environments we offer, visit our Managed Cloud Services page, or click here to better understand how our Privacy Architects will ensure full adherence to your regulatory obligations.