Yesterday, during a special virtual gala, Calligo was named amongst the CDN Top 100 Solution Providers in Canada.

The annual ranking is produced by Channel Daily News (CDN), the most widely read publication for the IT solution provider community in Canada for more than thirty years, with data verified by IT business intelligence and analysis leader IDC Canada.

The rankings process required each solution provider to submit its strategy, service breakdowns, revenues, examples of customer engagements and its commentary on the challenges the service provider industry faces now and in the future. These submissions were then individually assessed and ranked by the CDN and IDC panel.

This was Calligo’s first appearance in the CDN Top 100 Solution Providers, joining the list in 71st position. But more importantly, Calligo stood out as the only IT service provider within the entire Top 100 to have integrated data privacy services into its entire portfolio, including IT managed services.

“Our position in the CDN Top 100 shows the quality and scale of our service delivery, underpinned by our ‘Customer First’ mindset. But it is our difference from everyone else on the list that is most striking and most revealing about our future prospects,”

commented Julian Box, Founder & CEO of Calligo.

“The way in which businesses seek to use their data is constantly changing, whether to innovate, grow or become more efficient. Technology’s role in this is simply to enable those ambitions – the value is in the data.

So while other service providers focus on merely supporting and securing their customers’ devices and networks, we instead aim to help our clients use their data to work smarter and innovate faster – whether through its continual access and availability, its security and data privacy adherence, or its intelligent use. It is this difference that has led to us growing and retaining such a customer base, both in Canada and globally, and that guarantees we are able to meet their needs as they change.”

 Why is this distinction important?

Data is any business’ most valuable asset. It should sit at the heart of every interaction they have and every decision they make – large or small. But while data is essential for businesses to thrive, it is often also frustratingly invisible, inaccessible or irrelevant. And fraught with risk if it is lost, mismanaged or not surrounded by the right data privacy and security protections.

Calligo understands this, and by focusing on the root of the issue – the data – rather than the technology it inhabits, we are able to help our customers better understand how data flows into, around and out of the business, and then better control it to become more productive, more profitable, more secure and more adherent to privacy obligations.

Of course, proactive maintenance of the technology environment is a vital and substantial part of this – and one that we are proud to say we excel in – but to limit our services to only this and to ignore the rest of our customers’ data needs would be to miss the point, and our customers would miss the opportunity to grow.