As of today, you will have noticed some changes on our website. Not just the logo, the design and the layout, but also how we describe ourselves and what we offer.

This is because today is the start of the next stage of our evolution, and our next phase of innovation.

In 2012, we launched the world’s first public cloud platform with data privacy at its heart and were the first to offer data residency guarantees. Since, we have extended our cloud coverage across multiple jurisdictions around the world, created a dedicated data privacy professional services team and built a global customer base of cloud infrastructure customers.

But as of today, Calligo offers even more. Data privacy is growing in importance for businesses worldwide, largely caused by regulations such as GDPR and the upcoming ePrivacy Directive. These regulations and others have emphasized what we have always believed ever since we began: that data privacy should be the starting point to every data interaction. As such, every stage of the wider data journey – not just where and how a business’ data is stored – is being scrutinized more heavily both internally and externally for its impact on privacy adherence.

In another world first, we have therefore evolved our capabilities to support our customers more thoroughly. Our unique collection of innovative cloud-based services now covers the entire data journey, from capture and storage to analysis, monetization and archival – with data privacy embedded at every step.

These services include public & hybrid cloud, data analytics,  and archival & erasure services, all supported by ‘privacy-first’ data management consultancy and specific assistance with national, international and industry-specific data protection obligations.

In short, we are now Data Optimization and Privacy Specialists.

What does “Data Optimization” mean?

Until now, the term has been synonymous with realizing the full value of your data. This typically involved the organization and profitable use of your data, using analytics to identify trends and correlations in order to make sound business decisions and discover new opportunities.

This remains the case, but we believe now with a vital extension.

Data privacy has grown in importance so markedly in the last 24 months that we anticipate the industry understanding of the term ‘optimization’ to very soon also incorporate privacy assurance.

For your data to be considered optimized, it will not only have to be secure, accessible, useful and revenue-generating – for which modern cloud infrastructure, data analytics and AI are essential – it will also have to adhere with relevant privacy laws. This is the direction that we and industry analysts see the business world rapidly moving in, and we are the first to offer a complete portfolio of services to match.