A single dashboard used by a rapidly-growing construction firm’s management, project teams and financial department to keep projects on schedule and tightly manage their budgets.

Imagine running your business with this level of detail

See the full summary, or examine the detail in context.
Interrogate what it shows and experience its full functionality.

Underlying data can be restricted according to users’ permissions or needs and design can be customised to your own brand.

Clients from the construction management field often look for better ways to understand individual projects’ status at a high level.

They required a single dashboard that would help them evaluate key metrics like hard and soft project costs, budget, and provide a clear project milestone schedule across all activities.
We brought the key metrics together and built a dashboard that displayed the data in meaningful, intelligible ways.

In a single dashboard, we highlighted their most important financial metrics, developed a visualisation to increase timeline, and incorporated a more granular financial visualisation that evaluates actuals to budget.