Data privacy 429 is probably one of the fastest-growing conversations the business world has ever seen. After all, it is a perfect storm:

It is new
It is emotive
It is unresolved
It is constantly changing
It overlaps with other new, unresolved and constantly changing business conversations, such as Artificial Intelligence, businesses’ use of data and even global politics
The media cycle is peppered with big, eye-catching brands and big fines

However, with so much noise being made about data privacy – whether about GDPR 429 or other debates on national, local or sector-specific regulations; its implications for AI and IoT; its overlap with Infosecurity or even simply best practices for privacy in business – it can often be overwhelming and confusing.

So who should we be listening to and why?
We’ve done the hard work for you and have searched high and low for some of the most insightful and astute influencers in the data privacy world. We believe these are the voices worth listening to in order to stay informed and updated with the latest news and debates within data privacy, data security and data protection.

Jed Bracy

Working for the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), as an editor of Privacy Perspectives and Privacy Tech. Jed is fully immersed in data privacy and writes about the ongoing views and developments of data security and privacy. He also blogs about the intersections between technology, society and privacy and writes feature articles for The Privacy Advisor and Privacy Tracker.


Ann Cavoukian PhD

Dr Ann Cavoukian is one of the world’s leading privacy experts. She is presently the Distinguished Expert-in-Residence, leading the Privacy by Design Centre of Excellence at Ryerson University. Dr Cavoukian served three terms as the Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada, where she created Privacy by Design. She has received numerous awards such as being named as one of the Top 10 Women in Data Security and Privacy and earning the Meritorious Service Medal by the Governor General of Canada for her outstanding work on creating Privacy by Design.


Sandra Wachter

Dr Sandra Wachter is a lawyer and Research Fellow in Data Ethics, AI, robotics and Internet Regulation/cyber-security at the Oxford Internet Institute. Sandra specializes in technology, data protection and data privacy law. She often delivers talks on data ethics and privacy; and comments on the most topical news as it appears.


Eric Vanderberg

Eric is well known for his insight on cybersecurity, data privacy and protection. He shares the latest updates on privacy breaches within large organizations and comments on the key mistakes these companies often make. Eric is the author of several books, and he frequently writes articles for magazines, journals, and other publications.


Omer Tene

Omer Tene is Vice President and Chief Knowledge Officer at the International Association of Privacy Professional (IAPP) where he leads the creation of content as well as sharing relevant news, articles, research and knowledge within the privacy world. He consults with many businesses and governments on data privacy and data management, as well as cybersecurity. Omer also contributed to our pre-May 2018, discussing the implications of GDPR.

Data Privacy Periodic Table Jan 2021

Periodic Table of Data Privacy

The Data Privacy Periodic Table is an industry-renowned, easily digestible view of how the privacy world fits together

Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley is a public speaker and independent computer security analyst. He reports on the latest security issues and data breaches as they happen and is the co-host of award-winning podcasts on “Smashing Security” which discusses the world of cybersecurity and online privacy.


Sheila FitzPatrick

Sheila FitzPatrick is a worldwide expert in data privacy and data sovereignty laws, especially GDPR. She is a consultant Chief Privacy Officer for all industries, including the technology sector and is a regular speaker at national and international privacy conferences. Shelia shares news and articles of GDPR, data protection, privacy and regulation. Shelia was a contributor to our GDPR Interview Series and discussed how businesses can overcome the confusion over GDPR.


Rebecca Herold

Rebecca Herold is known as the “Privacy Professor”. She is an information privacy, security and compliance consultant and serves on many advisory boards. Rebecca has written numerous articles and books on data privacy and information security and also hosts a podcast called Data Security and Privacy with the Privacy Professor.