As the world becomes increasingly digital and cloud based, the importance of data protection and privacy has become paramount for all organizations. One key aspect of ensuring compliance with data protection laws and regulations is the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

However, appointing a DPO internally can present several challenges, including conflicts of interest and a lack of specialized skills. That is where Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS) comes in.

Sidestep potential conflict of interest

One of the main reasons organizations appoint external DPOs is to sidestep the potential conflict of interest that arises when a DPO is appointed internally. Supervisory Authorities are becoming increasingly strict about this issue, and a conflict of interest can be seen as a punishable breach. For example, CIOs and CISOs are responsible for the collection, storage, and protection of data, which can prevent them from objectively scrutinizing their own processes.

Similarly, Heads of Legal and In-House Counsel are tasked with defending the organization’s interests, while a DPO is required to represent the data subject. Heads of Compliance, who are responsible for determining how data is processed, may also be unable to impartially assess its adherence to legal obligations.

By outsourcing your DPO to a specialized service provider, such as Calligo, you can sidestep these conflicts of interest and ensure your organization’s compliance and data safety. Outsourcing your DPO is also faster and more cost-effective than hiring one internally.

10x as many DPO vacancies as there are qualified individuals

There are currently 10x as many DPO vacancies as there are qualified individuals, making hiring processes long and expensive. Outsourcing your DPO allows for flexible resourcing, as the role is often not a full-time position. Additionally, outsourcing your DPO gives you access to a wider set of skills, including technical, legal, and information security expertise, all at a far lower cost than recruiting each of these individuals individually.

The Calligo Privacy Team is a specialized team of experienced and qualified professionals with deliberately diverse career backgrounds and deep subject matter knowledge. They are committed to ensuring adherence to global data protection laws without compromising the ambitions and goals of your clients. The team is highly qualified, holding certifications such as the IAPP, which are the world’s most trusted and respected certifications in data privacy. These cover privacy laws and regulations and the practical operations to apply and deploy them successfully.

The Calligo Privacy Team also brings diversity in terms of industry experience. By operating in varied domains, the team’s expertise is sector-transferable, keeping your knowledge as relevant as possible. In an increasingly complex landscape, the team is uniquely placed to support you in the nuances of different data protection and privacy regulations, across any sector and jurisdiction. The team has supported industries such as global manufacturing, global franchise fast food brands, financial, software as a service platform providers, energy, government, charities, and service providers.

In summary, Data protection and privacy is crucial for all organizations in the digital age. However, appointing an internal Data Protection Officer (DPO) can be challenging, due to potential conflicts of interest and lack of expertise. DPO as a Service (DPOaaS) provides a solution by outsourcing the role to a specialized service provider, avoiding conflicts of interest and providing access to a wider set of skills at a lower cost. The Calligo Privacy Team is a highly qualified team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and certifications in data privacy, who are committed to ensuring global data protection compliance. The team has a proven track record of supporting various industries, keeping knowledge relevant and up-to-date.

Let the team help you fulfill your legal obligation to appoint a suitable Data Protection Officer, while also serving as an internal advisor, representative, and liaison for your organization.

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