Calligo wins ‘Best DevOps Transformation’ up against a heavyweight shortlist including IBM, Infosys, Sky, Accenture and Telefonica.

Computing’s annual DevOps Excellence Awards aim to recognise and celebrate the best DevOps deployments, teams, outcomes and impacts in business over the last 12 months.

Calligo was shortlisted in the Best DevOps Transformation category, alongside such industry heavyweights as IBM, Infosys, Sky, Accenture and Telefonica. As John Leonard, Research Editor at Computing, said in the virtual announcement of winners yesterday, the judges were looking for:

“The perfect example of the differences made by adopting DevOps culture and practice.”

Our entry highlighted our efforts last year to ensure that despite our numerous acquisitions in 2019 and 2020, our efficiency and accuracy would not be compromised, and our customers – pre-existing and acquired – would only benefit from our rapid growth.

We identified early that we could no longer simply rely on internal champions as smaller businesses can. Instead, we had to create a new culture of dispassionately interrogating our processes and identifying opportunities to improve them for the good of our service delivery to customers.

From this new culture, we showed the judges numerous examples of internal processes with common, repeatable starting points that are now redesigned to be templated and/or automated. This makes these processes test-driven so we can quickly deploy, test, fix and re-deploy over and over again to optimize their outputs, all in a fraction of the time it would take to deploy just once manually. Importantly, we were also able to show how these changes continue to quantifiably impact our customer service by making us faster, more accurate and more dependable.

And we are delighted to announce that the judges felt that of all the shortlisted submissions, including from some of the most well-known names in technology services, our transformation was the strongest, most impressive and most impactful.

DevOps Award Screenshot

“The impact of DevOps on Calligo is more than just improved efficiency and accuracy. We have also created a philosophy of self-interrogation – importantly with an open culture underneath. This is not only healthy but also commercially valuable. Our customers now remark on our efficiency and accuracy, and as a result have the confidence to entrust us with more responsibility for their data.”

Jon Williams, Calligo’s CTO