Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS)  

Sidestep the difficulty of appointing internally, and the cost of hiring,
and ensure your continuous compliance
and total data safety 


Why outsource your Data Protection Officer requirement?


Our Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO as a service) is the best way to stay on top of data privacy regulations without the cost and time investment of a full-time hire. Calligo is the only IT managed services provider to put privacy first, which makes us uniquely qualified to provide businesses with regulatory services that don't hinder their operations.



No conflict of interest

Businesses often appoint the DPO internally, usually to their heads of legal, technology or security, which is a clear conflict of interest and often contrary to the regulations. 


Faster to appoint

There are 10x as many DPO vacancies as there are qualified individuals. If you intend to recruit a DPO, finding and affording the right one for you is a long process.  


More cost-effective

By outsourcing the DPO role, you gain access to a wider set of skills, including technical, legal and infosecurity, all at a lower cost than recruiting full-time. 

Why choose a Data Protection Officer service? 


Only certain regulations require or recommend that a Data Protection Officer or Data Privacy Officer is necessary.
Some of those our team encounters the most:



canada-200x132If you are within the scope of PIPEDA, you are required to appoint a DPO, conventionally referred to as a “Privacy Officer”, responsible for continuous observance of PIPEDA 


usa-flagIf you are within the scope of HIPAA, you require a designated person with responsibility for the development and implementation of policies 


1200px-Flag_of_Europe.svgIf you are under the scope of GDPR and are: 


  A public sector authority, or 


 Processing large volumes of data on a regular basis, or  


 Processing special categories of data or personal data related to criminal convictions and offences 


However, whether you are under the scope of such regulations or not, it is well-recognized best practice for any organization that relies upon personal data to appoint a central point of data privacy oversight. 


What DPO as a Service looks like


 Calligo’s Data Protection Officer as a Service - delivered by Calligo’s expert consultants with a unique mix of legal, technical and infosecurity expertise - is designed to build upon the Assurance service offered as part of any Data Privacy Regulations Service engagement, and to accommodate any regulation’s requirement for a DPO, not just GDPR. 



Calligo Data Privacy Assurance Service includes:  

  • Reviewing and advising on privacy policies, procedures and documentation  
  • Data protection and information security consultancy  
  • Ongoing monitoring of adherence to the Regulation, supported by dashboard reporting  
  • Advising on data protection impact assessments (DPIA), their implementation and outcomes  

In addition to Assurance, Data Protection Officer as Service (DPOaaS) also includes:

  • An annual on-site adherence audit  
  • Ongoing monitoring of the collection and processing of personal data  
  • Training of staff involved in data processing operations  
  • Data breach management and reporting  
  • Representation to data subjects and Supervisory Authorities  


Delivered by a fully-certified and highly-qualified team 


Data Privacy Regulations Services

Use Privacy by Design methodologies to conform to multiple national or industry-specific regulations simultaneously





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The Business Impact of Data Privacy

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