Data Protection Officer as a Service 


Sidestep the difficulty of appointing a DPO internally, and the cost of hiring, and ensure your continuous compliance and total data safety 


Have the confidence that your organization's use of data is continuously safe, and your data subjects' rights are respected


Let our highly-skilled and experienced experts help you fulfil your legal obligation to appoint a suitable Data Protection Officer  



Your internal data privacy advisor, guiding your teams to achieve their objectives safely, and monitoring your ongoing adherence. 



A representative of your data subjects - including employees, customers and audiences - and a protector of their rights.



A nominated contact point for data subjects, any relevant supervisory authorities, partners, suppliers or other third parties.


Calligo's DPO as a Service is trusted by: 

Why outsource your Data Protection Officer?




Faster to appoint

There are 10x as many DPO vacancies as there are qualified individuals, making hiring processes long and expensive, leaving you exposed in the meantime. 




More skills for less cost

By outsourcing the DPO role, you gain access to a wider set of skills, including technical, legal and infosecurity, all at a far lower cost than recruiting each of these individually.




The #1 reason why organizations appoint external DPOs:

Conflict of Interest


Appointing a DPO internally almost always creates a conflict of interest,
which Supervisory Authorities are increasingly treating as a punishable breach




Responsible for the collection, storage and protection of data, which prevents them objectively scrutinizing their own processes.



Heads of Legal
A DPO is required to represent the data subject, while the Head of Legal is tasked with defending the organization's interests. 



Heads of Compliance
Those who are responsible for determining how data is processed cannot impartially assess its adherence to legal obligations.



Find out more:

Does your DPO have a Conflict of Interest?

Our detailed resource lists the roles that organizations' most often also give DPO responsibility, and assesses their suitability to fulfil the role impartially and objectively - including reference to recent GDPR case law.

Read more



What Calligo's DPO as a Service looks like


 Calligo’s Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS) provides outsourced expert support,
advising your teams, overseeing your processes, representing your data subjects
and liaising with your regulators 


DPOaaS builds off our Assurance service, offered as part of any Data Privacy Regulations Service engagement, extending your support and protection to address your legal obligations under GDPR and other privacy regulations 





Calligo's Data Privacy Assurance Service includes:  




Reviewing and advising on privacy policies, procedures and documentation




Ongoing monitoring of adherence, supported by dashboard reporting




Data protection and information security consultancy



Advising on data protection impact assessments (DPIA), their implementation and outcomes



Supporting your interactions with data subjects and Supervisory Authorities



Serving as your EU Representative should you prefer or need to appoint externally


Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS) extends your protections and oversight and adds:


Monitoring personal data collection and processing



Informing, advising
and guiding execs and staff



Annual on-site audit
and report



Data breach management 
and reporting



Act as point of contact to Supervisory Authorities



Delivered by a fully certified, highly-qualified and award-winning team


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Does your DPO have a conflict of interest?

Your DPO should be knowledgeable, experienced and qualified, but not everyone is suitable for the role





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