Our stated objective is simple: to be the world leader in data services.

This is not easy. To be a world leader in anything requires notoriety, reliability, performance and ultimately, dominance.

But we have a plan. As we close out 2021, there are certain things to look out for Calligo laying the groundwork for in 2022 …

More acquisitions

To date, we have completed 10 acquisitions across 7 countries. Our latest was Decisive Data earlier this year – our first data insights provider.

We added remarkable skills in Data Architecture, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Data Science and Data Visualization, not to mention strong partner collaborations with the likes of Snowflake,Tableau, Fivetran and Matillion, that we have already deepened in the months since. We also inherited household brand data services clients – relationships that have without exception expanded, often into new service areas.

We intend to continue in this vein in 2022, seeking out new data services acquisition targets in the US and the UK that will add talent, skills, capabilities, presence, capacity, clients, and most importantly, ideas.

Deepening of our pan-Atlantic capabilities and presence

To ensure we are considered a world leader, we intend to strengthen our data services presence on both sides of the Atlantic.

Of course, this is strongly linked to our intention to complete more acquisitions, but it is also a sign of our intent to grow organically in both regions too. Recruitment, customer acquisition, delivery, partnerships – we intend to grow in every meaningful way in both North America and the UK, taking full advantage of timezones, talent pools and each region’s natural aspiration to draw every competitive advantage from their data.

Spearhead the data services industry

Just as we have for the previous service industries we have evolved in and outgrown before, we intend to become the most renowned, authoritative and influential voice within data services – the experts to whom the market looks for best practice and insight.

We have an advantage over others here. We have a longer heritage in data services than most. We have been equipping enterprises and organizations with the tools and capabilities they have needed to make best, safest use of their data for years.

Even before the arrival of GDPR, we have been guiding clients in their respectful, adherent and ethical use of personal data. We also pre-empted the market’s heightened sensitivity over where their data was physically located, and addressed those concerns by building a high-performance data platform that guaranteed data residency, long before any other cloud service provider had even realised its importance, let alone could deliver on it. And we were first in the world to launch a managed machine learning service that made data science reliably accessible to the mid-tier and enterprises.

And so we will use this heritage alongside our creativity to educate, challenge and even inspire data leaders within ambitious organizations, showing them why and how to turn their data from merely having potential to instead being demonstrably the most valuable asset they have ever possessed.

2022 is destined to be another transformative year for Calligo. We aim to continue our surge into the data services space, bringing new capabilities and perspectives to the market alongside remarkable experience and skills, laying the foundations for our ultimate goal of being the natural world leader. And we have every intention of starting immediately – watch this space.