A system of communication using visual elements

So, what is this map all about?

Consistent language, messaging, and visuals enable strong cultural alignment and contribute to a more valuable brand. At Calligo, we think of the Visual Language Map (VLM) as our launch pad. It shapes the way we communicate internally and lays a foundation for how customers experience our brand and ultimately receive value.

We use the phrase “launch pad” intentionally. The definition of launch pad (if you google it) is “something that sets a particular activity, enterprise, etc. in motion.” As an institution, we set the launch pad so that individuals can spend more time exploring their creative potential and bring unique value to our customers. Our launch pad is a living and breathing launch pad, and we expect it to change with the creative input of those who launch from it.

There are four components to our VLM (refer to visual image below)

  1. Steps: How we work – our process
  2. Capabilities: Skills we possess to do work well
  3. Engagement Models: How we position our work so that customers can easily understand
  4. Artifacts: Tangible representation of Engagement Model milestones

VLM_4_ComponentsTo provide an example of what the visual map looks like for “Steps” check out the image below.


The Visual Language Map adds tremendous value for our organization when it comes to understanding ourselves, working together more effectively, and continuing to build a world-class experience for our customers. I’d encourage you to give this some thought for your own organization or team.

And if your organization does something similar, we’d love to hear about it! Contact the team, here.