There is probably no business technology topic with more column inches dedicated to it than cloud computing.

Topics range from the virtues and drawbacks of private, public or hybrid, to the complexity of migration, or cloud’s suitability for certain industries, businesses or use cases. Not to mention the excitement over more futuristic topics such as the quantum computing race.

With so many opinions on what businesses should be doing and using, or how, why and when, whose views should we be listening to and why?

After some extensive research, and asking some of our own experts’ whose commentary they trusted, we have built this list of Calligo’s top influencers and thought leaders in cloud and why we believe everyone should be aware of them.

Take a look at the list, and each of the influencer’s content, and follow them for what we consider to be some of the best updates and insights in the industry.

1. Ian Moyse
Ian Moyse is the creator and author of the blog Cloud Matters and discusses all things cloud-related, from the strategy, to the use cases such as IoT and even the surrounding issues such as GDPR.. He is also a Governance Board Member at the Cloud Industry Forum, and is a non-exec with the Cranford Group, a cloud and devops recruitment agency.


2. David Linthicum
David is the Chief Cloud Strategy Officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP and through his work on building innovative technologies and delivering strategies, he has published more than 13 books and 5,000 articles. He is considered a visionary in cloud computing within the industry, currently hosts the GigaOm Voices in Cloud podcast (where he recently interviewed Ian Moyse above!) and has been named the number one cloud influencer by Apollo Research.


3. Scott Guthrie
Scott is the Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Cloud and AI Group, responsible for the Microsoft Azure team, looking after Microsoft’s cloud, server, database, business apps, security, management and development tools businesses. As well as blogging for the Official Microsoft Blog, he also regularly shares updates to his followers on cloud, Microsoft Azure and other innovative technologies.


4. Lydia Leong
As VP Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, Lydia was one of the first analysts to focus on cloud technology and is always at the frontline covering the latest developments. She’s the creator and author of CloudPundit, a well-regarded blog which comments on internet infrastructure, cloud computing and data centres. Lydia covers topics from cloud managed service providers, content delivery networks, hosting. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and has a keen interest in Platform as a Service (PaaS).


5. Duncan Epping
Duncan is the creator and author of Yellow Bricks, a blog about virtualization and building a flexible, secure cloud. Also the Chief Technologist at the Office of CTO of the Storage & Availability Business Unit at VMware.


6. Thomas Maurer
A Senior Cloud Advocate for Microsoft, Thomas works within the Azure engineering team to collect feedback and share knowledge on Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack and other technologies, enabling him to find ways the that the platform can be improved. Thomas has won numerous industry awards and also speaks on behalf of Microsoft on the benefits, uses and technicalities of Azure. His blog also covers many of these topics, plus additional industry-wide commentary and insights:


7. Lauren Nelson
Lauren is a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and is the lead for IaaS cloud solutions, including internal private, hosted private and public IaaS. Her latest research can be found here. She also shares her expertise and opinions on cloud strategy, cloud adoption trends and the environmental implications of cloud computing, along with insights from advising hundreds of enterprises on their cloud adoption strategies.


8. Alex Hilton
With over 25 years’ of experience within IT and cloud, Alex is truly an advocate for cloud computing, believing any company of any size can benefit from the technology, enabling them to become more collaborative and innovative. He is the Chief Executive Officer for the Cloud Industry Forum and regularly shares carefully-selected informative articles that champion cloud, with topics as diverse as cost efficiency, ethical data use, cloud skills, data privacy, industry use cases and security.


9. George Anadiotis
With a wealth of knowledge on cloud computing infrastructure as well as its use, such as big data, analytics, privacy and software engineering, George has a well-rounded view on cloud. He is a freelance journalist, featuring regularly as a contributor to ZDNet on big data and as a GigaOm network member.