London, 18 December 2023 — Calligo, a global leader in data transformation, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with NourNet, the foremost digital transformation enabler in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With offices in the US, Canada, UK, Channel Islands and Ireland, Calligo’s extensive experience in providing end-to-end data solutions, from cloud services to cutting-edge machine learning, positions the company as a catalyst for AI innovation in Saudi Arabia.

This collaboration aligns seamlessly with Calligo’s strategic vision to explore important new markets, with Saudi Arabia emerging as a key player in the realm of machine learning and AI, driven by the Kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030 artificial intelligence goals.

As part of this partnership, NourNet is gaining exclusive access to Calligo’s state-of-the-art machine learning platform, ALPHI. This empowers NourNet to provide cutting-edge AI solutions to local corporate clients, meeting the increasing demand for advanced technologies in the Saudi market.

NourNet’s CEO, Mr. Amjad A. Hafez stated “Since the beginning, we have always catered to our clients’ specific requirements by offering comprehensive and individualized services. As a result of this agreement, NourNet will be able to expand its digital services even further, and it will be able to reaffirm its commitment to offering localized services that are in line with its clients’ goals of improved operations and cost savings through emerging technologies”.

This collaboration with NourNet is part of Calligo’s broader strategic initiative to expand its footprint in the Middle East, focusing on fast-growing markets hungry for AI and advanced analytics.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the partnership, Paul Comerford, Calligo’s CEO, stated, “We are delighted to collaborate with NourNet and contribute to the digital transformation journey in Saudi Arabia. This partnership not only aligns with our strategy to explore new markets for our advanced analytics and AI solutions but also presents an exciting opportunity to work closely with our friends at NourNet.”

Calligo and NourNet are committed to driving innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the digital realm. This partnership represents the fusion of expertise, technology, and a shared vision for a future where businesses in Saudi Arabia harness the power of AI and advanced analytics.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Adam Ryan
Chief Data Officer
+44 330 124 2500 ext 1120

About Calligo:

Calligo is a global data transformation organization, offering end-to-end solutions from cloud services to cutting-edge machine learning. With a global presence, Calligo is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of data.

About NourNet:

NourNet is a leading digital transformation enabler in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, serving corporate clients with a diverse range of digital services. Committed to driving innovation, NourNet plays a pivotal role in the Kingdom’s digital transformation journey.