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Operate safer from a solid legal and ethical base, supporting performance, innovation and growth, and never blocking ambitions

Use Data Safer

We design continuous safety, privacy and protection into every business data use, ensuring that actions are legal, ethical and meaningful.


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Uniquely qualified in privacy law, infosecurity and data technology

Calligo's team ensures the safety and adherence of every data workflow and interaction for some of the world's most data-reliant organizations - without compromising their ambitions 


83% (1)  

Businesses with "exemplary" data privacy discipline experience 83% better customer loyalty than those with "poor" privacy programs


Data Privacy Services

Delivered by a uniquely-skilled and award-winning team of experts in data privacy law, infosecurity, technology and change management



Data Privacy Regulations Services

Gain the confidence that your business continuously adheres to every applicable data privacy obligation




GDPR Services &
EU Representatives

Let Calligo steer you through the most wide-ranging and revolutionary data privacy framework




Data Protection Officer as a Service 

Sidestep the difficulty of appointing internally, and the cost of hiring, with our outsourced expert service




CCPA Regulation Services 

Navigate California's groundbreaking privacy law and bring your business in line with your new obligations 




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Data Privacy

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How Privacy can make itself understood by the CISO and CIO, and make Privacy by Design a reality



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Case Study

See how Calligo’s Data Privacy services led to Planning Center's continuous adherence with GDPR and other privacy regulations

GoJ Case Study

GoJ white

Case Study

Find out how we supported a government's response to
COVID-19 by assisting the data leadership's data governance & data privacy ambitions

Data_Safety_webinar_v6_3What is
Data Safety?


With data safety insights from experts in privacy, governance and IT security from Perkins Coie, IAPP, DWF and KMPG, discover why your business requires Data Safety



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