Calligo features in Raconteur’s latest special report on Digital Transformation, which was published in The Times.

The 16-page report contains insights from recognised experts and thought leaders on Digital Transformation strategy and execution and looks at how coronavirus has accelerated digital transformation in businesses and education. The report also explores the future of work and innovation, and why data-driven approaches are key to successful digital transformation projects.

“97 per cent of business decision-makers say that COVID-19 pandemic has sped up digital transformation at their company”


Calligo was asked to contribute on how best to design a Digital Transformation project, and how to ensure its immediate and ongoing success.

Our article, “Five steps to successful digital transformation”, featured on page 5 of the Raconteur report, provides a how-to guide to building a modern, data-first Digital transformation strategy that delivers.

The steps include:

Why you should not start with your business needs
The benefits of adopting a privacy-first mindset
How to build a strategy that earns your customers’ trust and makes them enjoy working with you
When and how to deploy technology
Why your Digital Transformation strategy has to keep evolving, and how to maintain it

“If you take a technology-first approach to Digital Transformation, it relies on identifying business problems and deploying the most suitable technology to fix them.

“In contrast, a data strategy starts by examining how data moves through the business, identifying areas of inefficiency, data governance weaknesses, overspend, security gaps and so on.

“It is a far more fundamental approach to Digital Transformation, improving businesses from their very foundations and bringing more value as a result.”

Adam Ryan, Chief Services Officer