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Unlocking Property Management Insights: Extracting and Analyzing Yardi Data

  Join Nick Mishko, Senior Data Analytics Team Lead at Calligo, as he delves into the world of property management analytics and Yardi data. Discover how Calligo’s data analytics practice...
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Data Transformation Predictions for 2024 – Calligo Data Leaders Roundtable

  In this lively debate you will hear from Calligo’s Practice Leads as they discuss their key takeaways from 2023 and their data predictions for 2024 and beyond. Topics discussed...
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The Data Management Conundrum: Data Lake vs. Data Warehouse with Calligo’s Warehouse as a Service

In the age of information, businesses are confronted with an unprecedented influx of data, making effective data management critical for success. Two prominent solutions have emerged to address this challenge:...
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Powering up ESG through digital transformation

Businesses often view cloud and data as separate. And yet, IT only exists to service the needs of a business’ data. Securing cloud services is therefore a business-critical issue.
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Making complex data available for the benefit of society

In Calligo’s latest Beyond Data podcast, Tessa Jones (Chief Data Scientist) is joined by Dr Ellie Graeden, Research Professor (Center for Global Health Science and Security) at Georgetown University. Here...
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The dark side of AI energy consumption – and what to do about it

Artificial Intelligence’s ability to augment and support progress and development over the past few decades is inarguable. However, when does it become damaging, contradictory even? In our latest Beyond Data...
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How to design Data Safety into your cloud

What is Data Safety, why is it important, and how do you go about designing into the foundations of your data environment?
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What sort of CIO are you going to be?

Technology strategies vs Data strategies: Discover the differences between the two mindsets, & how CIOs can transform a technology focus to a data strategy
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Reinventing Digital Transformation

Looking to improve the safety, security & accessibility of your data? And reduce costs? Now is the time for digital transformation. But with a twist.
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How to create an effective business continuity plan

A business continuity plan (BCP) aims to maintain all business systems and operations at 100% in the event of a major disruption.
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Raconteur Special Report – Digital Transformation

Calligo features in Raconteur's Digital Transformation report, published in The Times & explores the 5 steps to successful digital transformation
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Data Privacy and Data Security Recommendations for COVID-19

Calligo's data privacy experts provide guidance for businesses who have employees working from home on how to manage data privacy & data security.