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Data Sovereignty Unveiled – Balancing Rights, Privacy, and Innovation

In this episode of the Beyond Data podcast series, Tessa Jones (Calligo’s Chief Data Scientist) and Peter Matson (ML Solution Architect) are joined by Martin Hoskin, Chief Technologist at VMware and Advisory Board Member...
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The benefits of outsourced Data Protection Officer as a Service

As the world becomes increasingly digital and cloud based, the importance of data protection and privacy has become paramount for all organizations. One key aspect of ensuring compliance with data...
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Why data-ambitious organizations need more than a Chief Data Officer (CDO)

The rise of the CDO The potential value of data – if used optimally – is unquestioned. In recent years, there has been a clear acceleration in the number of...
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Does your DPO have a Conflict of Interest?

What is a DPO? Unlike many other areas of compliance, data privacy adherence is not something that can be audited once and then presumed to continue for the foreseeable future....
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UPDATE 6: The Data Privacy Periodic Table

To mark Data Privacy Day 2021, we have released a new update to the Data Privacy Periodic Table
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The social engineering tactics everyone needs to be aware of

Read about the increase in IT security and social engineering attacks targeting businesses during COVID-19 and how to protect your business against them.
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Step-by-step guide to Schrems II and Privacy Shield’s invalidation

Our VP of Data Privacy has written a step-by-step guide to Schrems II & Privacy Shield’s invalidation, and what it means for your privacy obligations
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The 5 Top Questions Around Data Privacy

Data privacy is one of the most discussed topics in business circles. Read our guide to the most commonly asked data privacy and data security questions.
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AI and Data Privacy – what’s the answer?

We take a look at the conversation surrounding AI, Privacy, and specifically Privacy by Design, & how its already gained serious momentum.
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What changes in Data Privacy can we look forward to in 2020?

What changes should we expect to Data Privacy in 2020? - CCPA coming into effect & how Brexit will affect British businesses' privacy obligations.
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IAPP: Privacy. Security. Risk. 2019 – What we learnt

Calligo exhibited at IAPP’s annual Privacy. Security. Risk 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here is what we learnt about upcoming privacy trends.
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UPDATE 3: The Data Privacy Periodic Table

We've updated our popular Data Privacy Periodic Table. The changes on this occasion are conversely driven more by the subtleties of the laws themselves.
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