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Data Transformation Predictions for 2024 – Calligo Data Leaders Roundtable

  In this lively debate you will hear from Calligo’s Practice Leads as they discuss their key takeaways from 2023 and their data predictions for 2024 and beyond. Topics discussed...
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What is Cloud as a Service? Exploring Definitions, Current Trends, and Future Horizons

In the rapidly evolving landscape of IT infrastructure, businesses are constantly faced with the critical decision of choosing between on-premises and cloud solutions. The allure of cloud computing, with its...
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AI Explainability – Balancing Human-Machine Collaboration and Potential

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have revolutionized numerous industries, offering automation and efficiency. However, achieving the optimal balance between human input and machine automation in AI model development...
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How intelligent are AI tea-making robots?

When it comes to how truly intelligent Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, it’s a polarizing debate. Either AI will solve the world’s woes or robots will rule us all – Matrix-style....
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Zero Trust – the real “New Normal”

Zero trust - what does it mean? How do businesses protect employees' data interactions on any device, network, app & the cloud?
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Lessons to learn from the Travelex & Garmin ransomware attacks

Ransomware has brought down& affected two giant brands in the past 12 months – Travelex & Garmin. So what is ransomware? And what are the lessons learnt?
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Data Privacy and Data Security Recommendations for COVID-19

Calligo's data privacy experts provide guidance for businesses who have employees working from home on how to manage data privacy & data security.
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Create a business continuity plan that works in 2020

Find out how to create a business continuity plan that works in 2020 and protect your business against cybersecurity attacks, outages and data loss.
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9 cloud influencers you need to watch and why

Here is Calligo's list of top influencers and thought leaders in cloud