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Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning as a Service and when should businesses consider using it?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and data-driven decision-making, machine learning has emerged as a powerful tool to gain insights, optimize processes, and drive innovation. Machine learning, a subset...
Machine Learning

A glossary of AI terms and their meanings for business leaders

AI Adoption: The process of integrating AI technologies into an organization’s existing workflows and systems. AI Ethics: The study and practice of ensuring that AI systems and technologies are developed...
Machine Learning

Navigating the AI Maze: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Its Misconceptions 

Foreword by Peter Matson, Machine Learning Solution Architect at Calligo In the world of technology, few concepts have captured our collective imagination like Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s the promise of...
Machine Learning

Top 9 Use Cases of Machine Learning in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a significant transformation with the advancement of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. These advanced analytics capabilities enable manufacturers to gain valuable insights, optimize processes,...
Machine Learning

Top 8 Use Cases of Machine Learning in the Non-Profit Industry

In the non-profit sector, organizations strive to make a meaningful impact on society. With the advent of machine learning, non-profits now have a powerful tool to leverage data and gain...
Machine Learning

Top 10 Use Cases for Machine Learning in Retail

Machine learning is revolutionizing the retail industry by enabling data-driven decision-making, enhancing customer experiences, and optimizing operations. In this blog post, we will explore the top use cases of machine...
Machine Learning

Top 8 Use Cases of Machine Learning in Financial Services

The financial services industry is undergoing a rapid transformation with the adoption of machine learning technologies. Machine learning enables financial institutions to leverage data and gain valuable insights to improve...
Machine Learning

Top 5 Use Cases of Machine Learning in the Telecom Industry

Businesses often view cloud and data as separate. And yet, IT only exists to service the needs of a business’ data. Securing cloud services is therefore a business-critical issue.
Data Governance Machine Learning

Lie Machines – The global fight against misinformation

Exorcizing the ghost in the machine In this latest podcast in our ‘Beyond Data’ series, Tessa Jones (Calligo’s Chief Data Scientist) and Peter Matson (Data Science Practice Lead) talk with...
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Making complex data available for the benefit of society

In Calligo’s latest Beyond Data podcast, Tessa Jones (Chief Data Scientist) is joined by Dr Ellie Graeden, Research Professor (Center for Global Health Science and Security) at Georgetown University. Here...
Machine Learning

Unlocking the power of AI and Natural Learning

In Calligo’s latest Beyond Data podcast, co-hosts Sophie Chase Borthwick and Tessa Jones are joined by Alexander Visheratin, Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Beehive AI. Here we explore some of the...
Machine Learning

AI bias is frequently failing the LGBTQ+ community

In our latest Beyond Data podcast, co-hosts Sophie Chase Borthwick (our Data Ethics & Governance Lead) and Tessa Jones (our Chief Data Scientist) invited Tomer Elias, Director of Product Management...
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