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Making complex data available for the benefit of society

In Calligo’s latest Beyond Data podcast, Tessa Jones (Chief Data Scientist) is joined by Dr Ellie Graeden, Research Professor (Center for Global Health Science and Security) at Georgetown University. Here...
Machine Learning

Unlocking the power of AI and Natural Learning

In Calligo’s latest Beyond Data podcast, co-hosts Sophie Chase Borthwick and Tessa Jones are joined by Alexander Visheratin, Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Beehive AI. Here we explore some of the...
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AI bias is frequently failing the LGBTQ+ community

In our latest Beyond Data podcast, co-hosts Sophie Chase Borthwick (our Data Ethics & Governance Lead) and Tessa Jones (our Chief Data Scientist) invited Tomer Elias, Director of Product Management...
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Global Food Waste – Can AI Offer a Solution?

In our latest Beyond Data podcast ‘Global Food Waste – Can AI Offer a Solution?’, we invited Data Science leader Shawn Ramirez to help us explore the global issue of...
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The dark side of AI energy consumption – and what to do about it

Artificial Intelligence’s ability to augment and support progress and development over the past few decades is inarguable. However, when does it become damaging, contradictory even? In our latest Beyond Data...
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Vehicle Autonomy; the good, the bad, and the complicated

In our second Beyond Data podcast episode ‘Autonomous mass transportation and its impact on citizen privacy’, we will sit down with Beep’s Chief Technology Officer, Clayton Tino to explore the...
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What is a ‘Visual Language Map’?

What is a Visual Language Map? A system of communication using visual elements
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AI and Data Privacy – what’s the answer?

We take a look at the conversation surrounding AI, Privacy, and specifically Privacy by Design, & how its already gained serious momentum.
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The top ‘AI for Business’ influencers you need to follow

We've built a list of the top ‘AI in Business’ influencers and thought-leaders we think you should be listening to & why.
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In the news: Five stories about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have without a doubt become the hottest topics of discussion throughout the business and technology worlds.
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