Data Insights Services

Grow closer to your data, even with zero data science skills, and use it safely to uncover possibilities, answer questions and resolve challenges

Innovate faster

We democratize intelligent data use, giving any business the opportunity to safely use its data to move faster, be more accurate and innovate


A unique portfolio of privacy-first, fully-managed intelligent data services that give you affordable access to enterprise-level automation and machine learning capabilities – without the need for data science resource




Sidestep the need for data science skills



Avoid the prohibitive cost and complexity of technology



Consolidate disorganized datasets



Identify where and how to deploy machine learning & automation most impactfully



Ensure adherence to data privacy regulations



Balance intelligent innovation with ethics and transparency

Companies that use data intelligently and rely widely on machine learning and automation are…



24% more agile



10 times more likely to be profitable



20% more productive



Making intelligent data use a safe, affordable and accessible reality for any organization




Affordable access to enterprise-level automation and machine learning capabilities, without the need for data science skills




Secure and privacy-conscious treatment of data, aligning to any regulatory requirements, without compromising performance




Managed service structure allows outputs to be iterative, as new insights and automated processes trigger additional questions 




Award-winning managed service, allowing you to be as hands-on or hands-off as your capabilities and skills allow




Faster, more accurate results due to innovative machine learning & automation technology on a high-performance cloud platform




Pay-as-you-go structure, helping you avoid one-off technology costs or being tied into continuous license fees


Data Insights Services

Make any data workflow faster, more accurate, or more creative, without compromising data safety or the need for data science skills 


Data Warehouse
as a Service

Give every team member and department a single, safe and secure data foundation so they can make better decisions in full context and innovate faster 




Machine Learning
as a Service

Cut through the complexity of machine learning and access safe, consumable, enterprise-level insights, affordably and without the need for data science resources



Data Analytics

A precise data analytics service that enables you to find the ideas and make the decisions that will have the greatest impact on your customers and colleagues



Data Visualizations
as a Service

Tell the stories hidden in your data and make every team member a data-driven decision-maker with beautiful, interrogable and interactive dashboards and visualizations


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The Data Maturity Impact Report 

Calligo's unique market research into the commercial impact of organizations' investment into the intelligent use of data - and the consequences of doing so unadvisedly


Art + Data PNG

Art + Data

Art + Data contains 20 data visualizations, each showing how our 5 elements of dashboard design were deployed, plus the positive business outcomes the visualizations delivered

Machine Learning and Manufacturing

Machine Learning
in Manufacturing

Register for the On-Demand webinar & find out about how we cut $millions in operating and repair costs for a global technology manufacturer using machine learning 


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