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Data Warehouse as a service

A single, safe and secure data foundation so every team and department can make better decisions in full context and innovate faster.

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What you can expect from a Data Warehouse

Consistency, speed, reliability, flexibility and context.

A consistent, safe data environment, consolidating multiple sources of data under a single interrogable data model.

A solid, reliable foundation for full-context, fast and smart decision-making via data analytics, machine learning and visualization tools.

An alternative to unreliable, restrictive and complex systems integrations.

A futureproof data framework that can accommodate any new or replacement data sources without interrupting decision-making.

A single environment to overlay data privacy, security and regulatory policies & technologies.

An unlimited ability to take snapshots of your entire data environment for historical trending of the entire business’ performance.

A culture of data-driven decision-making, data self-service and accurate, proactive predictions of needs, barriers and opportunities.

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Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS) from Calligo

The design, build and continuous management of a custom-built, secure Data Warehouse, delivered and fully maintained by experts in data architecture, ELT/ETL and total data safety.

Rapidly deployed for faster time to value,
and continuously maintained within a managed service

Quick and accurate data extraction

High integrity transfer of data from any sources through expert use of leading pipeline technologies, or custom code.

Built on safe, secure, independent architecture

Unhindered by any constraints within your current infrastructure, while tightly aligning with your disaster recovery strategy.

Creation and maintenance of data model

Custom-built data model, turning disparate data sources into a consistent dataset and ensuring continuous data quality.

Privacy by Design

Entire service – including data logic, model and infrastructure – built to privacy best practices, and in line with any governance requirements.

Trustworthy data

Merged, cleansed and enriched data, regularly tested for accuracy and completeness and its compliance with the core data model.

Evolves with you

Managed service ensures your data environment evolves in step with your needs, your business or changes to your data sources.


Entire technology stack and all processes meet stringent ISO and SOC-based security and compliance requirements.


Delivery of better data faster, able to be put to wide range of uses, powering real-time decision-making.

Continuous ROI

Removal of infrastructure and application administration overheads, and sidesteps need for data architecture skills.

Calligo can make your data work harder for you.

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